Iron & Steel And Pipe Profile Industry Co. LTD

İLHAN Iron & Steel And Pipe Profile Industry Co. LTD. which plays an important role in iron and steel industry has been established in 1984 in Dörtyol Iskenderun as a subsidiary of Ilhan Group.Our Rolling mill produces reinforcing bars with a capacity of 250.000 tons per year is located on an area of 11.000 square meters of which 8.800 square meters is closed area.

A significant amount of the production has been exported to Middle East, Central America and Africa.With high quality production policy we closely monitor the technological developments.Our main principle is to produce our products strictly in accordance with the standards in a timely manner to increase customer satisfaction.

Our aim is to increase quality and productivity continuously with the participation of our personel and to establish total quality awareness at all levels of our competitiveness.

İLHAN Iron & Steel And Pipe Profile Industry Co. LTD. which is one of the major reinforcing bars producer in Turkey has invested on İlhan Pipe and Hollow sections plant in Dortyol Zone in 2005 to add pipe and hollow sections to the existing product range and completed the investment project in a short period of time -within one year- and started to deliver final products to the market.

İlhan Pipe and Hollow sections plant has a capacity of 100.000 mts per year and produces high frequency longitudinally welded pipes and hollow sections as well as antirust pipes and hollow sections and steel plates.

The machinery and the equipment used for the production have been produced by highly specialized companies with the latest technology. İlhan Pipe and Hollow sections plant analyzes the physical and chemical of all its products with the most modern laboratory technology and manufactures its products strictly in accordance with the high quality standards withh the contribution of a dynamic, well experienced and well trained staff.

Our main aim is to be one of the leading companies in this field and to reach our goals with the modern and newly completed high tech facility.


With the participation of all employees to continouously improve quality and productivity, increase our competitiveness by placing each of the tiers total quality consciousness.


Become a leader in the industrty for innovative and customer-oriented working principle.


ILHAN Iron & Steel And Pipe Profile Industry Co. LTD is one of the most highest level of customers expections and as maximum to create a structure that whill the meet

All employees in jobs whithout awareness of the quality system and to increase the total by providing them quality on an ongoing basis, in a timely monner.

Disciplined and orderly, working obligations, to minimize errors and bringing the sector to become the leading company in the legal.

Earn our customers trust and appreciation and to sustain the product we established the most important duty of all of us.